Breaking News: Pokémon Go delays launch in France

Pokemon Go is taking over Europe, but there's one country it's yet to arrive in: France.

The launch of Pokémon Go in France has been postponed in the wake of the horrific Nice truck attack which killed 84 people on July 14. Gaming and entertainment news site IGN reported over the weekend that the launch of the augmented reality game had been delayed from July 15, the day when it was released in other European countries.

Another possible problem that might have led The Pokémon Company to delay the launch of the game in France is the risk that people trespass into sensitive or closed areas when hunting for the virtual monsters.

According to French weekly Le Point, hundreds of fans ignored an official ban on a giant Pokémon hunt in the Jardin du Luxembourg on July 14, before the attack. That took place steps away from the French Senate.

The release had originally been scheduled for Friday, when the game launched in the UK and other European countries. It is not yet known when Pokemon Go will finally be available to French phone users.

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