Mastering Pokemon Go Game in Just One Night, Gotta Catch 'Em All, Pokemon!

Getting acquainted with Pokemon Go - How to become a Pokemon Master in one night?

Several weeks ago Niantic (the developer of the hit augmented-reality game Ingress), have announced the availability of Pokemon Go in select regions like Australia, New Zealand, United Stated, Europe and some part in South America. Because of the hype the game was successfully admired and installed by millions of Pokemon lovers.

Before we proceed let us first know What is Pokemon? Pokémon stands for ‘pocket monsters’, a colourful menagerie of cartoon critters created by Japanese game developer and keen insect-collector Satoshi Tajiri in the mid-90s. They first appeared on Game Boy mega-hit Pokémon Red and Blue, in which you had to travel a fantasy land capturing the creatures, train them up and then force them to battle in morally-questionable cartoon cock-fights.

There are now 740 different species of Pokémon to catch across two decades’ worth of games and it remains one of the most treasured properties in the gaming world.

What is this Pokemon Go?
Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. More specifically, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices which uses GPS and Google maps to place Pokémon in the real world for you to catch and collect.

How does Pokemon Go work?

To be able to use this game, player needs to have the following items: smartphone phone devices or tablets, reliable internet connection it could be pocket data or wifi, device's GPS should be enable too. Basically, your device screen displays a map of your local area and as you walk around, the game tracks your position and different species of Pokémon appear for you to capture.

How do I locate Pokemon and how to claim them?
Walking and exploring the entire City, Region or entire World. The only real way to catch ‘em all is by getting outside and exploring the local area. Tourist hotspots seem a particularly good bet for higher-level Pokémon, but you will find the critters scattered everywhere. Different types of Pokémon hide in specific areas such as water, grassland and built-up areas, while others come out at night. You can use the ‘Nearby’ tracker to hunt down Pokémon close to your position.

Once a Pokemon appear, your device will vibrate and it will automatically appear on your map. To capture the Pokemon, simply tap on the screen of your device and the creature will appear in the real-world thanks to your device’s camera. Then you just flick your finger on the screen at the Pokémon – this acts as throwing a Pokéball at your target to safely contain them. Some are trickier to catch than others.

How do Pokemon move?
When you try to catch a Pokémon it will jiggle and jump, but they can also move location, too. Rarer Pokémon will spawn in different areas and will hang around for a while, but eventually move on.

How to get Pokeballs?

There are two ways in getting pokeball, its either you buy this directly on the Pokeshop or you caan get it from Pokestops. Pokéstops can be pubs, signs, train stations, interesting architecture and even notable graffiti. Pokéstops are assigned to all sorts of local, ahem, ‘points of interest’.

What is Poke Gym?

Gym is the place where Pokemon hunter and gym leader battle against each other vying for dominance. You choose a team (Instinct, Mystic or Valor) and look to claim each gym for your team. You can also leave Pokémon behind to defend a gym and earn yourself some extra experience. Like Pokéstops, gyms are assigned to local landmarks. My local Post Office is a Pokémon gym, for instance.
Pokemon players don't fight each other physically.  It’s just a case of choosing Pokémon to fight and tapping at the screen and using items until you or your opponent ‘faint’.

How to become a Pokemon Master?

Your best bet is to set your own goals in Pokémon Go. You can try to catch ‘em all, as the slogan goes, attempting to hunt down all 150 Pokémon out there (as far as we are aware no one has managed this yet). You can reach Level 30 to become a Master Trainer. Or you can commit to becoming champion at every gym in your local area.

Why do people like Pokemon Go so badly?

There are several reasons. Nostalgia plays a big part; the design can also be another reason and the concept is a lot of fun. It gets people out of the house, exploring their local areas in ways they hadn’t considered and interacting with other trainers in the real world. There are even wonderful reports of the game helping autistic children socialise. As long as you’re sensible while playing, Pokémon Go is a lovely thing.

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