Pokemon Go is not for Young but also for Adult players

Pokemon Go has captured the attention of millions of players. Most players are excited when they start playing Pokemon Go. Each level opens up new features and exciting monsters to catch and train.

Ever since Pokemon Go’s release to the US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany and some part in Asia that total in over 26 countries the mobile app has already scored some truly impressive wins. The game has topped Twitter’s daily users (a social media platform that’s been around for about a decade).

This year marks as the year of Pokemon Go trainers.

What is Pokemon Go? 

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game where you will be ‘catching’ cute little ‘pocket monsters’ that will suddenly appear on your phone while you’re using the app.

Pokemon GO developers Niantic unveils its future plans for Pokemon GO, including trading and the introduction of Pokecenters. Yelp has also launched a new feature that allows users to browse for local businesses that double up as Pokestops.

Top reasons why you might  want to consider playing Pokemon Go even if you're not a gamer.

It's good for your health.
This game is different from other usual games (usual games make you sit down and dumps hours on it) since Pokemon Go encourages its users to go outside the real world and explore each city to catch more Pokemon by walking or travelling around. The game will oblige you to walk because of the game mechanics. The game is not just  fun but it will encourage player to stretch the body while exploring the neighbor cities.

It's not really a battle-focused.
Unlike other games where the main hook is the battle mechanics, Pokemon Go focuses more on catchin and evolving your Pokemon. Yes, there is a battle component in the game by going to Pokégyms, but it’s not necessary. You can easily spend your whole game time ignoring this facet. Even if you do want to try out gym battles, it doesn’t feel confrontational – you’re battling Pokémon controlled by AI so there’s no trash talk or anything toxic in the experience.

It's good for your family.
Pokemon Go is different from video game. If you have grandchildren or children they'd probably play this game. Instead of video game you  can play together with your youn grandchildren. The game will teach them how to socialize and be polite with other Pokemon Go players. Pokemon Go is fun!

While this game gives you excitement, the launch of the augmented-reality mobile game is not yet officially reached Philippines. Niantic still doing some improvement on their servers so that it can accommodate more gamer around the world.

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