Pokemon Go Updates: Asians will have to wait for few more days but when?

Like the old saying goes: "Patience is a Virtue."

Every time you've heard news like Pokemon Go will be playable for trainers in SEA any time now or the launch of the app is coming, don't believe it, it's just rumors. If you really want to get the latest updates of the game, you can check it from Pokemon Go's official Twitter, Facebook, Website and of course on this site.

There are people who spread rumors and there are people who believe in rumors. For example this website claims that the game is playable in SEA on Thursday and Pokemon Go will hit the app markets before the weekend hits. This is purely theoretical and this assumption is only based on known patterns of Niantic Lab's release rather than actual announcements from Niantic Labs, the developers behind Pokemon Go.

The date of release
According to The Wall Street Journal, Niantic Lab will be releasing the augmented-reality game in few more days, but did not mention any specific dates. SEA Ign advise Asian gamer and Pokemon fans to stay tune on their website here for the updates.SEA Ign also contacted Niantic Lab and ask for the availability of the said game but there's no clear answer.

Niantic Labs have been rolling out the game by regions starting with Oceanic countries - Australia and New Zealand on launch date and have so far reached the shores of the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Hong Kong. But for gamers in some areas in SEA region, we are still waiting.

Why Pokemon Go still unavailable worldwide?
Several issues were brought up adding to the delay of the worldwide launch of the app - overloaded servers and connectivity bugs.

Honestly, I downloaded the non-official APK of Pokemon Go and installed it on my smartphone but I still unable to play it and I just stare at an empty map. Well, I advised my fellow Malaysian, Singaporean and Filipino trainers to wait and void downloading the unofficial APK and avoid using fake gps.

PokemonGoPH will continue delivering news and updates of the game's progress. Stay tune!
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