7 Saddest Pokemon Moments

While Pokemon is full of great scenes and epic battles, it's also home to some of the saddest, heart-breaking moments of our collective childhoods. This list contains personal points of view, it's perfectly fine if you don't agree with them.

May saying goodbye to Manaphy in "Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea"

During the course of the movie May and Manaphy grew close to each other because Manaphy believed May was his mother due to her being the first person he saw after her hatched. The moment the two need to separate, this I believe was a saddest moment to watch.

Jessie releasing Dustox in "Crossing Paths"

Dustox was also Jessie's secondary battling Pokémon. She was usually used alongside Seviper, but she had also been used alone. She appeared to be fairly powerful, but as Team Rocket are the villains, she was usually defeated.

In Crossing Paths, during the Dustox Crossing, she fell in love with a Shiny Dustox owned by Austin. Jessie tearfully decided that Dustox had to go with the others, despite everyone protests, but, since Dustox was loyal, she didn't want to. Seeing that Dustox was facing the same dilemma Jessie once was, about to throw away her chance of finding her true love to be with friends, Jessie had to shatter Dustox's Poké Ball to let her go. Dustox then went to live with other Dustox and start a family, giving Jessie the hope of finding her own soul mate.

Jessie and James releasing Arbok and Weezing in "A Poached Ego"

Ash leaves Charizard

Ash attempting to release Pikachu in "Pikachu's Goodbye"

Pikachu met all the other little Pikachus in the forest. Ash had to make the hardest decision of his life to leave his partner behind with his new friends. This turns into a Pikachu-Ash tear-fest that ends up with Ash literally running away crying while we're treated to yet another dramatic montage. Luckily the episode ends with the triumphant Pikachu making the right call and returning to Ash while his friends cheered on.

Pokemon Indigo League Ep21-Bye, Bye Butterfree

Let's start with when Ash let his Butterfree return to the wild to be with his little girlfriend. This one hurt extra bad because not only was it the first wild Pokemon Ash ever caught, it was also the first time he parted ways with one of his companions. And in addition to a heart-wrenching final look back as Butterfree flew away, we were also treated to a montage of their journey together set to the most ridiculously dramatic music possible. But you know what, Butterfree had a cool scarf and found love. We should be happy for him.

Ash turning to stone in "Mewtwo Strikes Back"

The First Movie. So we see Pokemon struggling to fight their clones, which is difficult to watch. But then we see Pikachu simply unwilling to fight back, just taking slap after slap standing up for what he believes in. But then it all goes to the next level when Ash seemingly dies and is turned to stone. Seeing Pikachu cry over his best friend is just wrong. And then every Pokemon starts crying, and then all the kids watching start crying, and then Ash wakes up and then the tears save him. Why is this so emotional!?

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