China copies Pokemon Go - looks pretty creepy

Because of the game popularity and the unavailability the game in China, China copies Pokemon Go concept - results are horrifying.

Want to be the very best in China? Unfortunately you can’t. Due to China’s strict rules and regulations, it’s unlikely that Pokémon Go will ever be released in China.

In fact over in China a developer has created what appears to be some kind of Pokemon GO clone. As you can see from the screenshots, it certainly does not look like they bothered to try and hide the fact that this is clearly Pokemon-related. However it isn’t an exact clone per se. Instead this app is more of a practice app for learning to toss Pokeballs in a straight line.

We present to you, Pokemon of China

If you’re so inclined, you can hit up the Google Play Store to download “Ball Practice for Pokemon GO”. It is a free app so why not?
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