Pokemon Go: 4 hidden facts that you did not know about the game

Gameguide has accumulated 4 "Pokemon Go" facts that could help us to be the very best "Pokemon Go" trainer!

"Pokemon GO's" Level 40 cap

"Pokemon GO" has been released for more than a week now. Usually everyone that you know who's been playing "Pokemon GO" would average from level 10 to level 15.

But did you know that "Pokemon GO's" mas level is capped at level 40? So you might be thinking now that you are already close to beating the game? Well not so fast.

To put some numbers on that progression, it appears to take 5 million experience just to go from level 39 to 40: anyone who’s spent time min/maxing evolutions and lucky eggs knows that it could take months to get up there even under the best of circumstances.

Reports are stating that the amount of XP you needed to reach level 20, is the same amount of XP you need to accumulate at every level once you get past level 30 in "Pokemon GO." Now that is definitely more than just a stroll in the park.


The Hidden MasterBall in "Pokemon GO"

By the time you reach Level 20 in Pokemon Go, you should have access to Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls to capture Pokemon.

PokeBalls, GreatBall and UltraBall. These are your ammunition in "Pokemon GO." You won't be able to live up to what "Pokemon GO" is created for and that is to capture wild Pokemons. It's no secret as well that as you level up, the Pokemons that tends to appear get stronger and stronger as well.

A recent data mine of Pokemon Go's coding revealed a ton of data, including a picture of the Master Ball.

Naming Pokemons Using HTML Codes
Did you know that you can rename your Pokemon using codes? You can have your Pokemon's name in "Pokemon GO" in Italicized form and even bold.

Level 30 Pokemon CP Cap

All Pokemons you catch from level 30 onwards will have the same stats. Now it is not a secret that as you level up, the stronger the Pokemons will be just like what is mentioned above. Now all of that will change at 30.

For example a friend of yours who is already a level 35 "Pokemon GO" trainer and you are still at level 30. If you've found a Wartorle at the same time in the wild, its CP will be the same for the both of you. However once both of you evolve it into a Blastoise, your friend will have the stronger as evolution of Pokemons will always depend on the "Pokemon GO" trainer's level.


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