Pokemon Go: Niantics' battle and hunt for cheaters and softwares is ON, cheaters beware

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After the success of Pokemon Go, different type of cheats came across the web in order to help gamers to unlock the highest level of the game and to capture the rarest and legendary Pokemon but, Niantic is on the move and ready to take down the accounts of these cheaters.

The proof of Niantic's crackdown, from the recent replied tweet of John Hanke.

Niantic has already commenced applying permanent bans to users who cheat in the game. This signifies that cheating could now be taken as a serious offence, which will attract regrettable consequences.

First permanent ban confirmed in pokemon go from pokemongo

The first case of a permanent ban was reported by a Reddit user named Cls3tStner, who said in a post that he had seen a message on another forum showing how a "Pokémon Go" cheater's account had suffered from a permanent ban. The exact message from Niantic read, "Your account has been banned for use of third party applications to alter the real/actual position of the GPS."

Hackers have rigged the game Pokemon Go to allow thousands of software “bots” to play the game automatically. Instead of walking around catching Pokemon and items, lazy hackers scoop them up without getting out of bed.

Bots ruined the main goal of the game [Pokemon Go]

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Why should we care? This abuse floods the in-game economy and out-competes real players– the world’s first level 40 player is a bot. Real players get no chance to win at competitive Pokemon “gyms”, so the game’s main goal is ruined by the cheaters.

Funcaptcha posted an article saying that Pokemon Go should embed a simple, playful CAPTCHA to catch cheater bots while leaving real players unaffected. CAPTCHA is any kind of digital activity that only humans can complete, to distinguish between people and programs.

Niantics' on the move to take down all Pokemon tracking software

The recent update that is being rolled-out a week ago disabled the ability of Pokemon trackers - the ability to see the near by Pokemon.

Tracking websites were capable of displaying exactly where creatures would spawn, and could also tell players how long the monsters would be available for, functionality leagues ahead of what the actual game offered. Millions of players took a particular liking to services like Pokevision, not just because of the obvious utility, but because, unlike Niantic, fan-led trackers kept users informed about any downtime.

Unsurprisingly, Niantic has reportedly been shutting such websites/apps down, with multiple developers around the web sharing cease and desist letters:

At the very least, given the clear terms of service, Niantic is definitely within its right to shut down tracking services.

Why we're to serious about these issues? Well, we want to help Niantic to address the problem to Pokemon Go fans and players. Pokemon Go is a great game to be ruined by lazy hackers, especially when the solution is already at hand.

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