‘Pokémon GO’ Guide: 10 Most Powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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"Pokémon GO" is filled with many strong Pokémon, but of course there are those that stand out from the rest. The best and strongest Pokémon are made for battles and often win them with their high HP or stamina, attack, and defense statistics.

If you want to be part of the very best league in "Pokémon GO" then trainer, you should at least catch these Pokémon. Here are the 10 strongest Pokémon as provided by The Silph Road.

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Blastoise, Wartortle's evolution from Squirtle, is a Water Type Pokémon. Blastoise shoots bullets of water from its spouts with accuracy. It has an attack power of 186, defense of 222, and 158 of HP/stamina.

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Arcanine is known for its high speed. The Fire Type Pokemon has an attack power of 230, 180 defense, and 180 HP/stamina.

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Lapras is a Water/Ice Type Pokémon with no evolution. The specimen is rare due to its near extinction state. Lapras has an attack power of 186, 190 defense, and 260 HP/stamina.

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Zapdos isn't available in "Pokémon GO" thus far. The Legendary Electric/Flying Type Pokémon is yet to be found probably in future events or through a game update. Zapdos has an attack power of 232, 194 defense, and 180 HP/stamina.

The Legendary bird Moltres has the same status as Zapdos. The Fire/Flying Type Pokémon with no evolution isn't available in "Pokémon GO" yet, but will be soon. Moltres has an attack power of 242, 194 defense, and 180 HP/stamina.

Snorlax doesn't have an evolution as well. This heavyset Normal Type Pokémon is known for eating and sleeping all day, and for a good cause -- Snorlax has impressive battle skills with its attack power of 180, 180 defense, and 320 HP/stamina.

Like Moltres and Zapdos, the Legendary Ice/Flying Type Pokémon Articuno hasn't been discovered in "Pokémon GO" yet. Articuno has an attack power of 198, 242 defense, and 180 HP/stamina.

Mew is another Legendary Pokémon that is not visible in the game yet. The Psychic Type Mew is considered mythical and has one of the highest stats in the game. Mew has an attack level of 220, 220 defense, and 200 HP/stamina.

Dragonite is the strongest Pokémon in "Pokémon GO" now that Mewtwo hasn't arrived up till now. The Dragon/Flying Type Pokémon is said to be capable of flying around the world in just 16 hours,  Pokémon GO Database wrote. Dragonite has an attack level of 250, 212 defense, and 182 HP/stamina.

Bonus: What are the Pokemon with the highest CP?

Of Pokemon that have been seen more frequently in the game so far, Snorlax, Arcanine and Lapras have the highest max CP.

The Reddit user who is analysing the data added: "Most of these statistics are hidden from users in the app - it's only from a data dump of your Pokemon collection that these can be calculated.

Pokémon GO’ Guide: The Best & Strongest Pokémon For Battle [Highest HP, Attack & Defense Stats]
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