Pokemon Go: List of Possible Gen 2 Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Go


List Of Pokemon GO Monsters Getting Evolved In Gen 2 Update And Their Evolution Requirements

According to Game & Guide, the upcoming Pokemon GO update is said to bring good numbers of next generation Pokemon. Gen 2 (or Generation 2) will includes all the evolutions of Gen 1 Pokemon -- from the pre-evolution all the way to new stages.

Below are some of Pokemon GO monsters expected to evolve once Gen 2 update arrives. Check them out, and better prepare those Pokeballs and candies!

Gen 2 Pokemon: Steelix


The cool and badass Pokemon, Steelix. Considered as the second and final evolution of Onix. This monster can be evolved (in previous Pokemon games) by simply trading an Onix that is holding the so-called Metal Coat with candy requirements could range from 100 to 200.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Slowking

Pretty much the same with Steelix, this creature is the second and final evolution of Slowpoke. And with that, a good amount of 50 candies or so will likely be the evolution requirement.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Crobat

Pokemon GO players who have enough Zubats, the arrival of Crobat is definitely a good news. It is believed to be the third and last stage evolution for the said Pokemon. Crobat is also likely to require at least 100 candies in order to acquire its Crobat form.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Politoed

Politoed is deemed as an alternate third and/or final stage evolution (for Poliwhirl and Poliwag) in the upcoming Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. Its evolution requirement might still be tweaked by Niantic, but it could be close to 100 candies.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Hitmontop

Hilmontop the second and final evolution of Tyrogue -- a Pokemon GO creature that is actually not included in Gen 1. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that Tyrogue has two evolutions -- namely, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Reports suggest that in Gen 2, if both Tyrogue and Hitmontop are added, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan candies are going to be turned into Tyrogue candies. These will then be used to evolve the aforesaid specie to Hitmontop.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Blissey

The second and final evolution of Chansey, this Pokemon GO creature is considered a tank. For players who want to secure gym battles, they better prepare 100 or more candies.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Kingdra 

Kingdra is the third and final Pokemon GO evolution of both Horsea and Seadra. And most likely the same with the aforementioned evolutions, 100 or more candies should be its requirement.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Scizor 

This Pokemon GO Gen 2 creature is Scyther's second and final evolution. The only catch, however, is it is weaker. Why? That is because when it evolves, it loses 40 or more Base Stat points. In fact, it only gains a total of 20 points in both Attack and Defense. But hey, players will only need at least 50 candies.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Espeon

Espeon is basically the second and final Pokemon GO evolution of Eevee. To acquire this specie, as low as 25 candies will probably be needed.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Umbreon

Also a Pokemon GO evolution for Eevee, Umbreon only needs 25 candies to evolve. But like most of Eevee's evolution, this Pokemon can be very dangerous in the battlefield.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Porygon2

As the name suggests, this Pokemon GO Gen 2 monster is the second and final evolution of Porygon. It is said to require at least 50 candies in order for the evolution to be a success.

Gen 2 Pokemon: Bellossom

Last on the Pokemon GO Gen 2 list is Bellossom, an alternate third and final evolution of Gloom (an evolution of Oddish). Since it falls under the third stage evolution, it will probably need 100 candies.

Are you excited to have these Pokemon? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.

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