‘Pokémon Go’ Team Valor: 3 Facts a Valor member Needs to Know

Anyone who plays Pokemon competitively knows that Zapdos is better than Moltres and Articuno but in Pokémon Go gym battle it's simply different.

Although Valor does not have as many players on its side, they have taken an impressive amount of territory and are already being seen as the most fierce and relentless of the Pokémon Go players. They truly do plan on being the very best.

‘Pokémon Go’ Team Valor: 3 Fast Facts You Need to Know

1. They Value Strength & Power

Some players pick Team Valor really just because they like the color read, or because Moltres is their favorite Pokémon. Others, however, choose it because the group’s philosophy, as explained by Candela, appeals to them.

In the game, Candela emphasizes strength, saying that she believes Pokémon are even stronger than humans. She says that she is researching ways to enhance their natural power and that her Pokemon will be the strongest. The group, then, catches the eye by those with a fierce competitive streak who are in the game to win and to be as strong and powerful as possible.

For comparison, the leader of Team Mystic emphasizes wisdom and maintaining a cool head, while the leader of Team Instinct emphasizes following one’s intuition.

2. They Are the Second Most Popular Team

According to a recent Kotaku poll of 100,000 gamers, 29 percent of those polled had signed up for Team Valor. For comparison, Team Mystic came in first place with 37 percent of the vote, while Team Instinct came in last with 23 percent of the vote. (9 percent said they were not on any team because they aren’t even playing Pokémon Go.)

Over on Reddit, the Team Valor subreddit has about 8,700 subscribers, while Team Mystic’s subreddit has 21,300 subscribers and Team Instinct‘s subreddit has 15,361 subscribers.

3. They Have a Reputation for Being Fierce & Aggressive

Team Valor is defined by strength and power, and those who have joined the group have earned a reputation for being extremely fierce, competitive, and relentless. As a result, members of Team Mystic and Team Instinct are both united in their hatred of Valor, although that hatred is generally exaggerated on social media for laughs.

Reference: ‘Pokémon Go’ Team Valor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Disclaimer: Although Valor is the 2nd most popular team, in winning a gym battle it will still depends on the Pokemon trainer's ability and strategy.
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