Pokemon Go Update: Team Leaders Won't be Useless anymore

Pokemon's attack and defense capabilities can now be seen in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Adds Ability to Check Out Pokemon's Attack/Defense Stats

The new update released by Niantic Labs adds a new feature -- this will let players be able to learn the Pokemon's attack and defense capabilities.

In this update, the team leaders [Candela, Blanche, and Spark] will give you advice as to which of your Pokemon has the most potential for battle before facing a gym. This system is called Implemented Pokemon Appraisal. Weird name, actually.

Assuming you live for a long time not playing Pokemon, you probably have a little knowledge or two about Pokemon Type effectiveness. You know that Grass beats Water, Water beats Fire, and Fire beats Grass. Then that's it.

The update is only available to players who have reached at least level five and chosen a faction to side with--Team Mystic, Team Valour, or Team Instinct.

A Pokemon's attack and defense statistics have influence over how well it will perform in battle.

In addition, the update adds "minor bot fixes." Developer Niantic has said it is still working on "several new and exciting features" to be implemented in the game.

This Pokemon Go Update is rolling out now

Do keep checking your Android and iPhones to know if this new Pokemon Go update has arrived. It should be rolling out now and will get released to everyone within the day.

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Pokemon Go Team Leaders Won't be Useless anymore with the Newest Update
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