Pokemon Go Update: Your biggest Pokémon Go questions, answered

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The Frequent Asked Questions for Pokémon's latest game

Glad you're here! I know why you're here, you're on of the Pokémon Go players who want to learn more about the game.

How do I log into the game?
There are two ways for logging into Pokémon Go, the easier method is to use an existing Google account or you can either sign in with or sign up for a Pokémon Trainer Club account. Login interface is shown below.
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Can I name and customize my character?
Yes, yes you can! Nicknames must only be spelled with letters and numbers, it should be unique since there are no duplicates allowed. Check image below.

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Aside from naming, there are several skin tones, hair colors and outfits to choose from. The selection is slightly less varied than what's available in Pokémon X and Y, for reference.

Do I get a starter Pokémon?
Yes of course!

Once your trainer has a name, Professor Willow will walk you through catching Pokémon. You can choose which of the three they want to catch and, at the conclusion of the world's easiest battle, whoever they picked will now be theirs.

Can I name my Pokémon?
Yes, yes. No worries if you forget to do so once you catch one; you can always go into the Pokémon section of the menu and edit your monsters' names.

How do I get more Pokémon?
As you traverse the real world, as represented on the in-game map, you'll occasionally run into tufts of rustling grass. There's also a handy meter indicating which Pokémon are nearby on the lower right-hand corner of the map.

Battles aren't between two Pokémon, though. How to capture a Pokemon will depend on your ability to swipe a Poké Ball in their direction. When you engage a Poké Ball, a colored ring will appear around the opponent. These change in size after each capture attempt. Throwing a Ball during a smaller window seems to be more effective, based on our time with the game, but that's a part we're still trying to figure out.

Where can I find common, rare legendary Pokemon?
The point of Pokémon Go is to travel around, exploring different geographic areas to find appropriate Pokémon. You can read here POKEMON GO: WHERE TO FIND COMMON, RARE AND LEGENDARY POKEMON.

Are there items to help me find, catch and train Pokémon?

There are a variety of items to purchase that aid capturing and upgrading monsters. These can be found in the shop, and include a number of Poké Balls, as well as the following:

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  • Incense: "Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes."
  • Lucky Egg: "A Lucky Egg that's filled with happiness! Earns double XP for 30 minutes."
  • Egg Incubator: "A device that incubates an Egg as you walk until it is ready to hatch. Breaks after three uses."
  • Lure Module: "A module that attracts Pokémon to a PokéStop for 30 minutes. Other people around the PokéStop can also benefit from the effect."

What the heck is a PokéStop?
These are notable locations in the vicinity. They're represented by a blue marker on the map. Clicking on the marker shows a picture of the building, monument, park or what have you. Swiping that picture will often net you a handful of items, like some Poké Balls or a Pokémon Egg that, when hatched, could add a new Pokémon to your collection. Read here for full details.

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What's PokeCandy and Stardust?
Candy is an item that you can find on Pokémon that you've caught or get from Pokémon hatched from eggs. Each piece takes its name from the specific pre-evolved Pokémon attached to it. Here's an example: Bulbasaur carries Bulbasaur candy, as do its evolved forms, Venusaur and Iveysaur.

Stardust is an item you can use to power up Pokémon. Players who are really into having the strongest Pokémon around, take note: Stardust is your best bet for increasing their stats.

What are eggs?
In a sense, eggs are Pokémon Go's random loot boxes, waiting to be unpacked and their contents discovered.

Do those gyms have battles?
Pokémon Go does include gym battles, but battling is one of its biggest changes from the Pokémon games many of us know and love. Gyms are interspersed around the world, just like PokéStops. Trainers have to be at level five in order to face other trainers, but these battles are typically one-on-one against another trainer's team.

Can I fight my friends' Pokémon?
Nope. The only battling currently available in Pokémon Go is during gym battles.

How do I make my Pokémon stronger, then?
Every Pokémon you collect comes with stardust and candy, which can be used to increase its combat power. As for evolution, that also requires the use of specialized items, called candy. You can also power up your fighters by competing against other trainers' Pokémon during gym battles.

What about trading?
You can transfer a Pokémon to Professor Willow, but that's the same as releasing it back into the wild.

How much battery does this game drain?
Pokémon Go hasn't been a major battery hog. There is a battery saving option in the settings, which could help some. Read here.

What about data?
How much data Pokémon Go consumes? According to The Wall Street Journal, the app only uses between 5 and 10 MB of data per hour. Then the same study found that the user's average usage of the said app is 13 minutes per day given that info, user spends about 80MB a month.


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