Pokemon Go: Where to find common, rare and legendary Pokemon

Be a legend and get 'em all

You've traveled across the land searching for Pokemon but you can't even find one. Here's how you can locate these creatures.
  • Fire and Rock types like Geodude, Sandshrew, Growlithe, and Mankey are far more likely to appear in arid climates
  • Grass, Bug, and Flying types like Caterpie, Weedle, Oddish, and Spearow will pop up in grassland areas
  • Psychic and Water-type Pokémon like Psyduck, Poliwag, Staryu, and Magikarp favor coastal land
If you want to catch lots of Pokémon, you need to be in a place with PokéStops (or a parking lot).

You also don't need to go traipsing through tall grass or swimming to find the Pokémon you desire — most creatures tend to hang out within feet of paved pathways or local roads, which means you (hopefully) don't have to get bitten by a tick to get that Clefairy.

Where can I catch certain types of Pokémon?
This may not be that too accurate since Niantic refresh their servers and Niantic can do the plotting of these creatures but it works.

Normal Type Pokémon

You can find normal type Pokémon (including creatures like Meowth) in parking lots, cities, university campuses, and gas stations, and near suburbs, grass, lakes, and parks. From what we can tell, they tend to spawn regularly for all climates.

Bug & Poison Type Pokémon

These two Pokémon types are most often found near grass, lakes, and cities, and usually in "grassland" or "coastal" climates.

Grass Type Pokémon

Grass types like to hang out predominantly (surprise) where there is grass: That means places like golf courses and parks, but also near beaches. They're available in all climates, but most predominant in grassland areas.

Water Type Pokémon

Speaking of beaches, they're where you're most likely to encounter a deluge of Water type Pokémon. If you don't have a coastline nearby, you can also find them near rivers, lakes, ponds, and parks.

Fire & Ground Type Pokémon

These desert-friendly Pokémon are pretty common in arid climates, but you may also find them lurking around the suburbs, in parks — and, strangely, even occasionally at the beach.

Where to find legendary Pokémon You can't. (At least, not yet.) But we're guessing Niantic has a few tricks up its sleeve as the game matures.

Disclaimer: This may not be applicable in your area. 

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