Pokemon Go: Why Pokemon fans get disappointed with Pokemon Go

What are the biggest disappointments of Pokemon fans from the phenomenal heat augmented-reality mobile game, the Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is an addictive game. Pokemon fans considered this game as part of their daily routine, yet many of which simply weren't satisfied with the game, Pokemon Go. While the producer Niantic plans in making the game more robust and balanced but for some, it doesn't give the feel like a genuine Pokémon experience yet.

How Pokemon Go Disappoints many Pokemon fans?

Easy breezy to catch a Pokemon

The ability to battle wild Pokemon before catching it which is shown to the Pokemon anime tv series and game series. Currently Pokemon Go only allows players to wander into different places in search of Pokestops, Pokegyms and wild Pokemon but the way to catch it ex. a wild Pikachu there's no battling involved at all. But instead, capturing wild Pikachu has become a game of virtual ring toss, often with horrible physics. By bouncing a Pokéball off of a circle around the Pokémon, you may (or may not) capture it.

And because of the game's AR is occasionally jittery, you may waste a few dozen Pokéballs in your attempt. There are few feelings worse than flicking the entrapping orbs at your own feet instead of your Pokémon victim. It's like the abridged version of a real Pokémon experience. While fun, it's inauthentic.

Gym battles.

In the anime and game series of Pokemon, a Pokemon hunter needs to visit a gym, battle with the gym leader and win a badge. Instead of this kind of behavior towards the gym battle, Pokemon Go is far more teritorial and players are forced to choose one of the three poorly-defined teams. They converge on gyms, battle for superiority, and live with a constant tickle in the back of their brain that someone will topple them from their mighty Poké-perch if they're not constantly vigilant.

As a Pokemon fan, of course I expect that Pokemon Go could have at least create the app to inspire Pokemon hunters to travel, collect virtual badges from around the country as the way Ash did.

So what's the result now we have cars idling outside of strangers' houses and streets, people invading meaningful landmarks to knockout a rare Pokemon. Ultimately, it amounts to visiting the same locations over and over again.

Terrible GPS

GPS is one of the main tool used to operate Pokemon Go but it is a disaster for some players. Whether it's because your phone doesn't have the most fine-tuned GPS, probably it's slightly cloudy or you're stuck on an overload server or your phone can't handle all of the new location requesrs thus it will end your journey just to wait for the game to connect to Pokemon Go's servers.

Even worse is when you finally find a Pokéstop, carefully maneuver your car into a sensible parking spot, and you inexplicably lose your GPS signal just as you approach. It's enough to make you want to stomp an Oddish…and those guys are adorable.

Pay to play

I wanna speed up my level, then I'll buy Pokecoins. This feature of Pokemon Go, is kinda a not good way on how to portray the anime serries. There's nothing wrong with that either, but putting a paywall in front of a little aspiring Ash Ketchum just feels nasty. Pokémon is a property that's basically for kids, and it's been forcibly adopted by nostalgia addicts.

The lousy launch of the game

Because of an unprecedented demand for the game, Niantic's servers just couldn't handle the initial traffic. Many days after launch, games still regularly freeze just after important captures and the game feels like it's in beta mode. Another disappointing fact is the game still unavailable all over the globe. The rollout of the game is kinda slow and very disappointing.


After the launch of the game, there are already too mane cheaters out there. There are several apps helping players obtain endless currency, level up their Pokémon without any effort, and visit local gyms without leaving their bathroom.


Though Pokémon is synonymous with Nintendo, Pokémon Go just doesn't feel like a real Nintendo game. The charm and humor that represents Nintendo is missing, replaced by a boring interface, blocky and limited 3D characters, and bugs that Nintendo would never usually allow into a final product—and we're not just talking Parasects.

Source: Biggest disappointments in Pokemon Go

Although the game was launched and being enjoyed in more than 31 countries, making this game available around the world will of course bring joy to Pokemon fans.

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