Pokemon Trivia: Gengar and Clefable Theory

Hey Pokemon trainers, are you familiar with these two Pokemon?

Rumor says that Gengar is the shadow Pokemon of Clefable, right? Well this article will take you to the next level.

Although there are plenty of evidences that suggest Clefables are not from this world. Clefables worship the moon; they evolve when exposed to a moon stone; Clefa a de-evolved form of Clefable has multiple Pokedex entries that show Clefa came here on a meteor.

What exactly happened when Clefable first arrived in the Pokeverse? It certainly wouldn't make sense if a ready -made Pokemon just crashed to Earth. This is a separate being, an alien being having evolved on a different planet. So what happened when it came to earth? How did it become a Pokemon? Probably it became two.

An alien being crashes onto a planet it's never seen before. There's a toxic chemicals and radiation everywhere from the crash. Ut;s also being exposed to bacteria and viruses. its system has never encountered; in particular, Pokerus which causes Pokemon's EV's to grow faster. Thus we know causes living beings, Pokemon in particular, to mutate or grow faster.

In the confusion and mess, the being must adapt quickly. The virus urges it to mutate fast. So it does the alien evolves into the first Clefable.

But somewhere along the line, something goes wrong. Maybe it;s the adrenaline; maybe its the intense emotional sate. Point is, the alien doesn't become one Pokemon; it splits in two - Clefable and Gengar.

Clefable and Gengar. One half quiet, shy, cute and benevolent the other malicious, outgoing and terrifying mean. It's the good half and the bad half; a classic Doppelganger.

Do you want some proof?

The next piece of evidence is contained in the Pokedex entries for both Pokemon. They both have a noted interest in the full moon, yer seem to live in opposite worlds. Clefavle is shy and quiet avoiding people as much as it can because it is afraid; Gengar is also quiet but prefers to seek people out so it can made them afraid. Because Gengar seek people out, they are less "rare".

Their base are similar but opposite in personality, two parts that make up one whole.  Another piece of evidence we have is their moveset. Not the ones that they learn naturally, the moves they can learn by TM.

For instance, Clefable can learn shadow ball which doen't make any sense. Why on earth does a sweet timid fairy type Pokemon have the ability to learn shadow?

The two Pokemon also have very opposite stats.

Finally, before the change, Gengar who is a Ghost-poison was completely immune to Clefables which was then just plain Normal. Clefable being Normal was immune to all of Gengar's ghost attacks.

Source: Unknown
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