Why does Ash Ketchum never win the Pokémon League?

Over the last few seasons in the Pokemon anime, we've seen Ash Ketchum at his finest, a veteran trainer with bold strategies and unbreakable bonds with his Pokemon.

He's assembled a crack team of Pokemon, filled with fully evolved powerhouses, his first pseudo-Legendary Pokemon and a Greninja who could mysteriously transform into a more powerful form without a Mega Evolution stone.

As when Ash entered the Kalos Pokemon League earlier this month, it seemed like his decades of hard work might finally pay off. After thrashing through the preliminary rounds of the tournament, Ash beat his friend Sawyer to earn a spot in the finals.

But another Chapter in Ash Ketchum's Pokemon Journey Is Over

Why does Ash Ketchum never win the Pokémon League?

Reason #1:

Ash, has terrible strategies, bad team (at least in the original version), and some serious other flaws: he barely trains, never seems to stop and think about building a team, never considers the sets of moves for each pokemon.

He keeps on using wrong type of pokemon. Using Pikachu against Onix would work only in anime. In anime Pikachu may also someday beat Zapdos. Hypothetically, if pokemon were real and Ash used Pikachu against Onix, he would never win. And its not just one incident, it is repeated many times during the series. He could not even get rid of team rocket for crying out loud.

Reason #2:

He doesn’t use the strongest Pokemon possible he uses weird unconventional Pokemon like Pikachu.

Reason #3:

He’s 10 years old. Usually adults will always beat children in competitions due to more experience and a higher ceiling of intelligence.

Reason #4:

The writers. How would they continue the series if Ash becomes a ‘Pokemon Master’? So they make him loose again and again, so that they do not run out of story. They are shoving the same thing down our gullible throats for more than 15 years now.

Reason #5:

He is a loser.

I think the only time Ash will ever win an official Pokémon League is when the anime is finally going off the air. Sometime before that or soon after, he’ll probably find his father, too.

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