3 apps to help you find rare Pokemon

Let us help you to take one step closer to being the first Pokemon Master to catch all Pokemon.

So you have spent the weekend walking aimlessly in search of ordinary to rare Pokemon. You've lingered around PokeStops with lures and hope for a Gyarados or Charizard to pop up on your screen. Until your battery runs low, and all you have so far are Pidgeys, Rattatas and Magikarps. The question on your mind must be: Where are they?

Consider the guessing game over. You can now “catch ’em all” with these new applications that aim to help you narrow down your search and to keep the hunt (relatively) simpler and more fuss free.

Here are three applications that Pokemon Go players should check out.

This application detects your location and shows you which Pokemon character is near you in real time, with a mini image of it to make it visually easier. You can also filter out Pokemon (they’ve labelled Pokemons from common to super rare and ultra rare), so you can zoom in on what you want. The app even redirects you to Google Maps, which gives you directions to where a particular Pokemon is. The app also shows you the remaining time the Pokemon will stay at that spot, which means you can open up the app at home and know which Pokemon is out there before you even step out. Heck, the Snorlax you want might be nearer to you than you know.

Although similar to PokeAlert, this app allows players to customise it. For instance, players who want to scope out their desired Pokemon can do so by adding the Pokemon to their Favourite Pokemon list. The application will then notify players the minute the Pokemon appears on the map. You can also click “Show only favourite” so the app would only alert you when these characters appear. For those who do not want to collect any more Rattatas or Pidgeys, they can do the same by adding them to the Common Pokemon list and checking the option “Hide Common”, so the application would no longer inform players of those Pokemon. It also allows you to choose what you want to show on the app, for example, distance, time and timer.

Map Radar for Pokemon Go
Besides showing you which Pokemon characters are around you and the time that it would be staying there, Map Radar shows you how long it takes to get to the Pokemon by foot or by car without directing you to another page. The app also allows you to filter characters out and to customise notifications so you would get an alert when the Pokemon you want appears. There is even a feature that allows players to plot which Pokemon they have caught in which areas, so they can lend a hand to other trainers also searching for that elusive Pokemon. After all, it’s all about having fun together, isn’t it?

These applications are currently available for Apple users only. The apps are not affiliated with Niantic.

Source: TodayOnline
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