Finally, Ditto has been Found

Ditto has been found, it's for real!

Ditto has been added to this trainers Pokedex, was confirmed by Niantic on their official page which they clarified numerous amounts of Legendaries actually made their way into the game about a month ago.

Ditto was hatched by a trainer named Cash, and was actually recorded and turned into a video by a youtuber named Validproof.

Cash said, he was hatching an egg together with his girlfriend when an invisible Pokemon came from the egg, and once added to the Pokedex they both realized that it was actually ditto and they started to freak out.

They’ve even gone as far as trying to battle Pokemon with it in a Gym, however Ditto appears invisible even in the gym which is due to him not quite being allowed in the game just yet.

Here's the video

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