Leaked Data Reveal Most Talented Pokemon Squad is Team Valor

A former Niantic employee shared an Excel file of Pokemon Go users data on Reddit which cause a few controversies. Reddit users have spent all day sharing insights from the file, and there’s been plenty of interesting – and somewhat surprising – discoveries. 

For example, the most popular team among global Pokemon Go users is Team Mystic, with approximately 43% of players opting to join this teamLooking at the worldwide trends, Team Mystic is actually the least successful team after examining a number of key metrics. The average level of global Team Mystic players is 18, far behind that of Team Instinct (Level 22) and Team Valor (Level 25). Part of that is likely due to the fact that Team Mystic attracts the most players, who are more likely to be less experienced gamers. 

The data file also has info on how many types of Pokemon each team has caught, on average. For example Valor team in Singapore is on top, with an average of 72 varieties of Pokemon in their collections. Team Instinct hasn’t done too badly, with an average of 65. But spare a thought for those Team Mystic fans – they’re lagging behind with a Singaporean average of just 42.

One final piece of interesting data from the leak involves the frequency of players suspected of cheating while playing Pokemon Go, which is determined by the number of times the server detects suspicious activity (which could be caused by players using GPS hacks and similar tricks to cheat). Guess which team has the most ‘cheating’ players? Hint, it starts with “M” and rhymes with “Piss-stick”. That’s right, it’s Team Mystic! It doesn’t seem that their cheating has helped them much though, given their average results so far!

Source: isthatlegit
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