Pokemon Go Guide: How To Save More Pokeballs

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PokeBalls are the secret lifeblood of Pokemon Go and if you're serious about "catching them all", you'd better make sure you have a full stock of PokeBalls at all time. To be able to achieve the ultimate goal of the game -- to be the very best, here's a guide that can help players save lots of Pokeballs.

This Pokemon GO guide posted by Reddit user named BigFatHairyBalls. The idea is to give players the chance to save a good amount of Pokeballs as they catch Pokemon along their way. And take note: this is in no way a cheat. Hence players won't be burdened about getting banned or whatsoever.

The Pokemon GO AR Trick
Pokemon Go hunters must know how to play around the AR (Augmented Reality) mode. The key is to turn it off prior to opening the in-game screen so as to catch a certain creature. If, for instance, a Pokemon further itself, just simply turn off the said mode and aim the phone to the specie (located at the bottom part of the screen).

Save 30 Ultra Pokeballs In Pokemon GO
It's worth noting that there Pokemon GO creatures that spawn too far away from a player's specific location which will require players to throw two or more Pokeballs just to capture Pokemon.

The trick again is to disable the Pokemon GO AR mode. Once done, the phone must be aimed at the bottom location of the screen. After which, players will be able to reach these Pokemon with just a single, regular throw.

While this trick may require a little effort, Pokemon GO fans can certainly benefit from it. And sure enough, they can save a good amount of Pokeballs -- even the ultra ones. Another workaround is to switch the AR mode on and off, so the specie becomes reachable. However, unlike the above mentioned trick, it tends to work sometimes only.

Have you tried these tricks? Tell us your experience at the comment section below!

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