Pokemon Go Update: When Is the Next Patch Schedule?

Niantic Labs, the company behind Pokemon Go, has said that they do not necessarily consider their game to be a finished product. Rather, it’s an ever-evolving experience that will continued to be tweaked and improved over time.

Also, Niantic has lately been aiming to put out an update every two weeks. Therefore, we can expect the next patch to be released no later than Monday, September 5th.

Here is a brief rundown of the major updates released so far and what each one did.

  • July 6th: Game launches in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
  • July 13th: Login issues fixed; Crashing problems resolved
  • July 20th: Minor text fixes
  • July 30th: Footprints removed; Battle damage altered; Avatars made customizable
  • August 8th: Battery saver mode fixed; Nicknames can now be changed once; XP bonus glitch resolved; New “sightings” feature
  • August 23rd: Appraisal feature added; 1HP glitch fixed
As you can see, back when the game first launched, Niantic was releasing an update about once a week. But as they moved into August, they seem to have transitioned into a bi-weekly schedule. This actually was the initial goal, as back in July, Niantic CEO John Hanke told users to expect an update every two weeks, according to Polygon.

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