Pokemon Weird Facts: 20 Facts that will amaze you

#20 – Smeargle Cannot Use TMs But Can Use Almost Every Move In The Games

Pokemon Smeargle has not been able to make use of any Technical Machines to learn moves since its introduction in Gen 2. It can, however, utilize almost every known move, including signature moves, by using Sketch to copy the last attack used by an opponent.

#19 – Wobbuffet’s Main Body Is A Decoy

Wobbuffet’s main body is simply an inflatable decoy, and while we see the creature speak in the anime series, the real body is the small black tail with eyes that hides behind it.

#18 – Psychic-Type Weaknesses Are Based On Common Fears

Although Psychic-Types were hugely overpowered in the first generation of Pokemon, they do in fact have weaknesses in the form of Ghost, Dark, and Bug-types.

#17 – Fishing Is Possible In Pokemon Red And Blue‘s Gyms

In Pokemon Red/Blue, using an Old Rod on any Rhydon statue will cause the player to encounter a Magikarp. In the Cerulean City gym, you can use any of your fishing rods, as well as fish for Pokemon in the gym’s water areas.

#16 – Each Spinda Has A Unique Pattern Of Spots

Spinda does have an incredibly large amount of variations due to its spots forming a random pattern with each encounter and easily deserves its spot on the list of unique Pokemon.

#15 – Clefairy Was Almost The Face Of Pokemon

Clefairy was originally set to be Ash’s starter Pokemon in the anime, instead of Pikachu. Due to a last minute change, Pikachu got the role instead, because of the creature’s popularity. This would have made Clefairy the most recognisable Pokemon in existence, rather than the electric mouse.

#14 – Ditto Is Most Likely A Failed Attempt At Cloning Mew

#13 – Mewtwo Comes Before Mew In The Pokedex

#12 – Koffing And Weezing Were Going To Be Named After American Cities

#11 – Tangela Originally Couldn’t Use Vine Whip

#10 – Arcanine Was Intended To Be A Legendary Pokemon

Arcanine was originally going to be a legendary creature, alongside the trio of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

#9 – Pikachu Can Talk And Learn Surf In Pokemon Stadium

#8 – The move ‘Splash’ Is A Mistranslation Of The Japanese Word For ‘Hop’

#7 – Magneton Weighs A Lot More Than Three Magnemites
When Magnemite evolves, it joins with two more of its kind to form Magneton. Logically, as the Pokemon initially has a weight of 13.2 pounds, the evolution should surely weigh about 3 times as much. In fact, Magneton weighs over 10 times the weight of a single Magnemite, stacking up at a whopping 132.3 pounds.

#6 – Meowth And Pikachu Are Opposite Pokemon

Pikachu and Meowth are on opposite sites, with the latter belonging to the notorious Team Rocket. However, the opposite theme runs deeper than this alone. Pikachu is number 25 in the Pokedex whereas Meowth is the reversed number 52. There is also the more obvious association of the two being a cat and mouse.

#5 – Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee Got Their Names From Famous Fighters

#4 – Slowbro Is The Only Pokemon That Can Devolve

#3 – Azurill Can Change Gender While Evolving

Due to Azurill’s gender ratio meaning that 75% of the creatures are female, but its evolution Marill containing the regular 50/50 chance when assigning gender, there is actually a 1 in 3 chance that your Azurill will become male when it evolves.

#2 – Professor Oak’s Nidorino Has The Cry Of A Nidorina

During the introduction to the much-loved Pokemon Red/Blue, the Pokemon professor shows off his very own creature – a Nidorino. However, this Pokemon doesn’t quite give off the right call, instead giving the cry of the female Nidorina.

#1 – Rhydon Was The First Pokemon Ever Created

Rhydon was also the first Pokemon that was ever created by Game Freak. This was revealed in an interview with Ken Sugimori, one of the original designers for the first generation of Pokemon titles. Despite its early creation, Rhydon is placed at 112th in the Pokedex.

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